Shortpath is a business utility designed to make it easy for office managers and all tenants to find the goods and services they need every day.

Shortpath provides direct access to the building work order management system assuring that work order requests are placed directly into the buildings work order calendar for prompt action. All work orders are tracked in real time and you always know where you stand.

If you have guests coming to your building, Shortpath will allow you to pre-register your guests so that badges or passes will be waiting for them when they arrive.

If you need access to a list of vendors that have already been approved to provide products and services to your building, Shortpath is the answer. Shortpath offers a directory of approved and rated vendors that already provide goods and services to tenants in your building.

Shortpath also features a virtual marketplace of goods and services. To view the sub-categories and find the vendors within those categories, click on the links below.

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