Technology moves fast and the success of products like Facebook and Linked-in have further proved that the patented programs that BTESC has built are lock-step with where facility management services are going.

Our products provide an avenue for building service providers to create their own applications. Similar to the success that Apple has had with their App Store, BTESC maintains an APP store for every building.  Included with each building are the relevant service providers in a searchable organized marketplace.  The system allows tenants to develop their own professional relationships within their building, their local area or their region.

BTESC provides ways for service providers to engage new customers, and enables building owners/managers to generate new streams of revenue. Most importantly, it.  allows tenants to connect to their buildings, their employees and their customers.  The programs provide a complete recognized amenity and contributes to tenant retention.   BTESC ushers in a new era of facility management solutions.

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