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When disaster strikes what’s your plan?

Most companies believe that backing up their critical data constitutes a disaster recovery plan. Backups, while important, have little value or no value unless there is a well formulated and well tested procedure for recovering the data and getting your company back in business no matter what happens.

Disasters come in all forms and serverities from inconvenient to life threatening. SmartTSG can work with your company to develop a business continuity plan which ensures that no matter how severe the intruption your business can resume operation quickly and safely.

Backups, Disaster Recover & Business Continuity

Companies often confuse the ideas of backups, disaster recovery and business continuity. Each is a unique aspect of a comprehensive plan to keep your business operating during a disaster or restoring your business to full operation after a disaster.

  • Backups – The process of copying data in a form which is quick and easy to recover. The process of transferring that data to an offsite facility in case your primary site is unavailable or destroyed.
  • Disaster Recovery – The procedures used to recover data and systems in the event of a disaster.
  • Business Continuity – The systems and procedures which enable your company to operate in the event of a disaster.


Maintain a complete list of expected arrivals, track time on the loading dock and bay assignments, and notify tenants upon arrival and departure of all scheduled deliveries.

Create a network of frequently used vendors and easy schedule single occurrence, round-trip, and recurring deliveries.

Access downloadable reporting of all building activity.

Maintain a complete daily manifest of expected arrivals and access a complete history of all deliveries. Easily download reports from a specific date range, vendor, or tenant.

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